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Lanta Intanin Resort

Lanta Intanin Resort is a small 3 star resort just 3 minutes away from Klong Nin beach. It is not smack in the middle of Koh Lanta town, but still fairly easy to find; Waze can be of assistance for you to find your way there. There was no dedicated car park so we just parked our car at the side of the road beside the resort. Newly renovated in 2014, the resort consists of modern air-conditioned bungalows with 4 rooms per bungalow. The Lobby is a small section on the left hand side of the entrance, and after checking in, we were asked to fill in the Breakfast form before obtaining our room keys.

Lanta Intanin ResortP1140144

The Superior room was clean and comfortable with all the basic amenities and free WiFi, and the bathroom with a rain shower was fairly spacious as well. No complaints for the price we paid, really.

Superior RoomP1140102

The resort does not have any facilities of their own but a liaison between the resort and Lanta Miami Resort across the road enables guests to use Lanta Miami’s swimming pool and private beach for free. It was a bit of a hassle to walk down the road with all our towels and stuff; and the ogling passerby locals did make it a tad uncomfortable, but it was not really something extremely unbearable.

Koh Lanta is less commercialised and not as easily accessible as compared to its popular beach counterpart, Phuket. Do not therefore be surprised to see only a few tourists hanging around throughout your stay. We counted 4, perhaps 5, different groups throughout our 3 days 2 nights stay.

There was a lot of activity going on in the swimming pool which overlooked the beach but on the contrary, the beach itself was quiet and peaceful, with just a few guests lounging lazily. I prefer it that way so it was a very welcoming sight indeed for me. I found a niche little spot; one that allowed me to bask in the sun yet had enough shade so that the rays did not become too overpowering. With my necessities on hand – book, a really sweet and refreshing coconut, and the sound of crashing waves; I found what I was looking for – serenity.    

A View from my Niche Little SpotIMG_20151220_170711
Lanta Miami’s Swimming Pool20151220_165412

The resort also does not have any restaurants that is able to cater for any other meals except breakfast, and thus we were recommended to go to Miami Restaurant inside Lanta Miami Resort for our dinner instead. Read about it here.

The resort was quiet in the morning with only one other guest – a lady slowly enjoying her breakfast with her book in hand. It really felt wonderful how nothing feels rushed in Koh Lanta. Breakfast was to be eaten in the garden under a patio umbrella and our chosen grub from the list of options available consisted of tropical fruits, fruit oatmeal, pancakes, juice, and coffee. Pretty healthy options, actually. We were initially disappointed that breakfast was not the usual buffet galore, but the portions were generous and more than sufficient to fill us up. A healthy breakfast was definitely a great way to start the day and gear us up for the Island and Elephant Trekking Tour we signed up the night before.

Healthy Breakfast to Start the DayP1140146

Dinner was in Shanti Shanti Beach House, a short 5 minute drive away, followed by a much needed leg massage to end the day. Leg massages in Koh Lanta are considerably cheap, roughly about 320THB (approximately RM36 / USD9) for 60 minutes, and tattoos are cheap too. For interested readers, 99 Tattoo, located on the main road, seems to be a popular choice and there is a massage parlor right beside it.

99 TattooP1140315


Service: 3 star

Environment: 4 star

Cleanliness: 3 star

Location: 3 star

Facilities: 2 star

Price: 1 price

Overall: 3 star

Lanta Intanin’s resort-feel room makes up for its lack of facilities and the RM230 (approximately USD56) per room per night inclusive of tax and service fees price tag is definitely friendly to the wallet. It is also slightly remote, thus allowing for more privacy and solace but of course, greatly reduces food options unless you have your car with you. Scooters are available for rental if that is your main concern. There are cheaper accommodation alternatives, especially backpacker inns located in Koh Lanta town, but they may not be able provide the similar resort-feel environment that Lanta Intanin can. If you are able to pay about 880THB (approximately RM100 / USD25) more per night, Lanta Miami Resort may be a better option as guests do not have to leave the resort’s compounds to have access to dining options and resort facilities.  

How to get there:

It took us 14 hours to get from Ipoh to Koh Lanta by car and ferry, which was pretty intense. If you reach the ferry terminal and have not bought the tickets, locals will gladly take you to the counter on their scooter for a nominal fee. Alternatively, the nearest airport is Krabi Airport, and you can either ask your hotel to book you a transfer van or hire a private taxi/van directly from the airport. It will take you approximately an hour to get from the airport to Lanta Intanin Resort.

Ferry TicketsP1140100
Ferry TerminalP1140101

The journey to get to Koh Lanta will be tiring but I felt that Koh Lanta is a really wallet-friendly laidback place to chill without all the frills. It is also not overly populated with tourists, and that made it quite a desirable destination for us. It is also not the typical tourist destination with a lot of attractions to visit, thus it allowed us to have more time to relax and slowly enjoy nature in a peacefully surrounding.

For more information:

Lanta Intanin Resort

353, Klong Nin Beach,

Koh Lanta,

Krabi 81150


Tel: 075 662 619 / 075 656 253

Email: info@lantaintaninresort.com

Website: www.lantaintaninresort.com


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