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Shanti Shanti Restaurant

First of all, I think it is really vital to point out that there are TWO Shanti Shanti Restaurants in Koh Lanta – One owned by a French husband Thai wife couple serving French/Italian cuisines located on the main road along Klong Nin beach; the other serves authentic Thai cuisines and is a laid back wooden little restaurant nestled by the beach.

Shanti Shanti Beach House, the Thai one, is a short 5 minute drive away from Lanta Intanin Resort where I stayed, and you will see it prior to reaching Koh Lanta town. As previously mentioned, it has a clear ocean view which is rumored to provide a spectacular sunset display but unfortunately, that I cannot vouch for the rumor as we arrived way too late. The interior is made out of wood and the unenclosed structure allows you to breathe in the fresh ocean air.

Shanti Shanti Beach HouseP1140289
Wooden Interior of the RestaurantP1140288

We ordered, and our stomachs were grateful when it promptly arrived. As with almost all restaurants in Koh Lanta, food was inexpensive but most certainly fresh.

Super Fresh Prawns – Finished So Fast We Had to Order It Twice!20151220_195301
Crispy Deep Fried SquidP1140280
Laap Northern Style Spicy Minced PorkP1140281
Sweet Sour Grouper FishP1140283
Stir-fried Morning GloryP1140284
Chicken Pad Thai P1140285

The one thing that I really must testify to is that coconuts can be found abundantly everywhere, and they taste superbly sweet! I have this thing for coconuts whenever I have Thai food or am nearby a beach, so definitely no complaints from me, but Koh Lanta coconuts are seriously one of the better ones that I have tasted thus far.

Gorgeous Coconuts – Pretty to the Eyes, Refreshing to the ThroatP1140277

We finished off our meal with the Thai favorite –  Mango Sticky Rice, which proved to live up to our expectations. The mango was succulent and sweet, and the rice did not add any heaviness to our already-full stomachs.  

Mango Sticky Rice – Great Way to End a MealP1140287


Service: 5 star

Ambiance: 4 star

Cleanliness: 4 star

Location: 4 star

Food: 5 star

Price: 1 price

Overall: 5 star

Shanti Shanti’s food was divine, a really great dinner to wrap-up our last night in Koh Lanta. The restaurant had a great ambiance, service was prompt and the lady owner was friendly and helpful with all our questions. Definitely would not mind coming here again if I am back in town.




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