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Restaurant C.B. Wee

If you are coming from the direction of Kuala Lumpur, you will pass Restaurant C.B. Wee on the left hand side of the main road prior to turning right into Tanjong Jara Resort. Resort guests will find it a great alternative to eating inside the resort as it is within walking distance to the resort. It features Halal Chinese cooking where you can order ala-carte Chinese dishes and it even has some Western chops and steaks options. Do not be fooled by the looks of the place – the food is excellent and the prices are really, really affordable.

Menu – Seriously, look at the prices!IMG_20160423_192945


Being extremely hungry, we ordered 6 dishes to be shared between 3 people. The Deep Fried Squid was the first to arrive, followed by the Ginger & Onion Prawns. Both were attacked within seconds. The prawns were really big and were reviewed to be fresh, and the squids were crispy to the core.

Deep Fried Squid – RM11.00IMG_20160423_195928
Ginger & Onion Prawns – RM37.00IMG_20160423_195932

The Sawi Putih Garlic came next, followed by a steamed Grouper, Tauhu with Salted Fish, and Kangkong Belacan. The vegetables were as expected but high praise goes to the Grouper. Not only was it fresh, but it was steamed perfectly well and came with the right amount of sauce. Certainly the highlight of the meal for me. The Tauhu confused me for a while as it did not look like what we ordered but the lady said it was, so down our stomachs it went. It was pretty good, albeit a tad disappointing because I could not taste much of the salted fish in it.

Sawi Putih Garlic – RM5.00IMG_20160424_121809
Steamed Grouper – RM30.00. MUST TRY!IMG_20160423_200736
Tauhu with Salted Fish – RM8.00IMG_20160423_200742
Kangkung Belacan – RM5.00IMG_20160423_201017

As for the drinks, the Restaurant only offers canned drinks, beer, Chinese tea, and barley. Weirdly enough, there were no coconuts to be found, not only in the restaurant, but in the resort as well. You would have thought it would be abundantly available judging from all the coconut trees planted everywhere.

After finish gorging ourselves with food, we asked for the bill and had to keep a calm face so as to not raise any suspicions. RM104.40 for a meal for three that has fish, prawns, and squid? Unbelievably cheap! No complaints, this is definitely a place to come to have your bellies full and your wallets happy.

Final Bill – RM104.40IMG_20160423_203306


Service: 3 star

Ambiance: 2 star

Cleanliness: 2 star

Location: 4 star

Food: 4 star

Price: 1 price

Overall: 4 star 

It is not a posh restaurant and there are a few annoying flies around, but this is certainly a great place to go if you are looking for cheap and excellent food.


Restaurant C.B. Wee

226, Jalan Kuala Terengganu,

Kampung Bukit Pauh,

23000 Dungun, Terengganu,


Tel: +609 844 3515 / +6016 933 7993 / +6013 957 5333

Operating Hours: 11.00am – 3.00pm; 6.00pm – 10.00pm; Closed on Tuesdays


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